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Energy Savings
Over the last 20 years or so, there has been a shift in what makes a new furnace or air conditioner more valuable to home owners; the money they can save on their rising energy bills. Almost half of the average homeowner's energy use goes towards heating and cooling the home, and heating and air conditioning technology has come a long way. So, when you can now keep upwards of $100 - $200 dollars in your pocket that would have otherwise gone to a utility company, that's a great incentive to buy a new HVAC system.

Credits & Rebates
Still, there's the initial investment to consider. Just last year, governments had big incentives for that as well.  There are still Federal HVAC Tax Credits up to $500 and some utility rebates available for several hundred more, depending on where you live. No small change, every little bit helps.

New Financing
However, there is now an exciting new reason that makes a new HVAC system more valuable than the others I just mentioned. Many homeowners can now enjoy a new HVAC financing program offered by Fisher Mechanical Inc., and keep their payments on a new, energy saving HVAC system as low as $129 per month. Why is this such a game-changer? Let's do the math.

Potential Investment of A New HVAC System
$6,500 New HVAC System
-$500 Federal HVAC Tax Credit and/or Utility Rebates (for qualifying homes & equipment)
=$6,000 Estimated Investment (pretax)
=Payments as low as $129/month

Potential Monthly Payment On A New HVAC System
+$120/month Potential Energy Savings With New HVAC System*
-$129/month Potential New HVAC System payment
x12 Months
=$108/year Estimated Yearly Cost For A New HVAC System

What Does This Mean?
Did you just get that? A $129/month payment on a high-efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning system could potentially only cost you $9/month.  So call today to schedule your free HVAC proposal and we will give you $40 in free service.


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